SKU: Product Code: SALMDUARTSCPBS170-190

1 Loch Duart Salmon Supreme 170 - 190g Individually Vacuum Packed skin on 

Salmon welfare is at the heart of everything we do. Which means our farms are designed around the salmon. And Loch Duart salmon is only farmed on our sites – at a small scale that’s repeatable and consistent

Label Rouge

RSPCA Assured


Every item of chilled fish in our range is purchased and received fresh into our factory up to six days a week, directly from boats, markets and processors all over the UK.  

In exceptional circumstances and when fresh supply is not readily available of specific species you will be supplied with frozen product which has been processed, packed and blast frozen in our factory.

Due to the packing and freezing capabilities we have, taste and texture is almost identical to fresh when defrosted in your home.


Delivery Times

We process, pack and distribute orders up to six days a week. Dependent on geographical location and distribution capabilities due to the chilled and frozen requirements of your order it is possible that an order will not be received up to four working days after order confirmation. The vast majority of our orders are delivered within two working days of confirmation.

Fulfilment emails are sent upon dispatch of product, deliveries will be received within 24 hours of that email.

Please email us at should you require any further help or clarification.

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